Updating zserver dyndns info nohost the hostname specified

The following three figures illustrate the process by which the DNS client queries the servers on each adapter.Querying the DNS Server, Part 1 Querying the DNS Server, Part 2 Querying the DNS Server, Part 3 The DNS Client service queries the DNS servers in the following order: If the DNS Client service receives a positive response, it stops querying for the name, adds the response to the cache and returns the response to the client.DNS processes and interactions involve the communications between DNS clients and DNS servers during the resolution of DNS queries and dynamic update, and between DNS servers during name resolution and zone administration.Secondary processes and interactions depend on the support for technologies such as Unicode and WINS.The local resolver cache can include name information obtained from two possible sources: As indicated in the preceding figure, the client queries a preferred DNS server.The server used during the initial client/server query is selected from a global list.The request is then passed to the DNS Client service for resolution using locally cached information.

For example, consider the use of the recursion process to locate the name “host-b.example.” when the client queries a single DNS server.

The process occurs when a DNS server and client are first started and have no locally cached information available to help resolve a name query.

It assumes that the name queried by the client is for a domain name of which the server has no local knowledge, based on its configured zones.

When a client does so, it uses separate and additional queries based on referral answers from servers. In general, the DNS query process occurs in two parts: The following figure shows an overview of the complete DNS query process.

Overview of DNS Query Process As shown in the initial steps of the query process, a DNS domain name is used in a program on the local computer.

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