Stop playing dating games

Professional bowlers play at competitive and elite levels.

For amateur bowlers it is fun to go bowling with friends.

One thing you have to know is that it is not only fun but it also has some health benefits like promoting muscle growth, helping lose weight, muscle toning and strengthening. It improves flexibility, helps for weight loss, develops motor skills and balance, improves concentration and brain function.

You can socialize and make friends at the bowling alley. All I want to say is next time you go bowling leave no pin standing! Table Tennis Many people across the world play table tennis. Even though table tennis can be played as a high intensity physical activity, there is a very low risk of injury as there is no contact between the players. Badminton Badminton is a game played with rackets in which a shuttlecock is volleyed across a narrow net.

I feel that it is an intimate experience with water.

It is a game played in an enclosed court by two or four players who strike the ball with their rackets and hit onto playable surfaces of the walls of the court.

Not many people used to know about squash but it is gaining so much popularity these days due to the fact that people are enjoying it once they start playing. It is a fast growing sport and is becoming a serious game at the competitive level too. Playing squash improves cardiovascular health, maintains healthy weight, and promotes good coordination and flexibility. Bowling Whenever you want to hang out with friends, bowling alley is one of the favourite choices.

Indoor sports and games provide us the pleasure of playing in a closed environment. The best part about indoor sports is that they can be played all year round!

They help us to grow strong both physically and mentally.

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