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Web developers can give you an extra perk or two here: they can add a special icon that your i Phone will use on the home screen.Additionally, they can make the website run in fullscreen view.Maybe you haven’t checked your tweets for a few hours or you’ve just read a lengthy article.In many cases, you’ll want to scroll back to the top of the page.If you find yourself typing a specific international TLD often, you can add it to that pop-up by enabling the appropriate international keyboard. Do you realize that this tip can save about five seconds every time?

Then proceed to press and hold the home button until the application quits (usually takes around six seconds). Then, just double-tap the shift key to type away in capitals.

You’ll hear a camera shutter (or, rather, the sound of a camera shutter), and your current screen is saved automatically in your camera roll.

Home, you can choose which of these three behaviours you want to use. If you’re at your first home screen, you’ll be taken to Search.

The beautiful thing here is that after inserting your punctuation, you’re back at the alphabet keyboard: definitely a time-saver. To get these, and other special characters, tap and hold on the letter or symbol that closest represents the one you want.

How would you type the British Pound symbol on your i Phone? You’ll get a hidden menu that offers the extra characters.

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But the period is on the alternative keyboard, and it’s a bit of a pain to switch back and forth between keyboards continually.

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