Sexton campus b building

She also received the national De La Torre Bueno Prize, given to a dance studies book, for Jonathan Woodson, a vascular surgeon and former Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs for the US Department of Defense, is tapped to lead the University’s new Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy, based in the Questrom School of Business.

Expanding the University’s efforts to curb the impact of climate change, locally and globally, the Board of Trustees approves a broad strategy, including the avoidance of investments in companies that extract coal and tar sands oil, the most carbon-intensive fuels.

In a field of 200 programs evaluated, BU ranked 38 in neuroscience and behavior, 43 in molecular biology and genetics, and 56 in immunology.

In a field of 400 programs evaluated, BU ranked 26 in physics and 63 in biology and biochemistry.

All of this year’s athletes earned All-America honors as Terriers.

Commencement keynote speaker Bonnie Hammer offers BU grads a storyteller’s advice for post-college life.

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