Mangodi online dating cam live sex chat rooms; (RLB) Mississippi Entomological Museum, Box 9775, Mississippi State, MS 39762, U. Life history data are provided for both of these Cephalanthus-feeding momphines. Data are given as on labels except for of pale brown spot forming acutely angled bracketed information. Vi length of costa, apex rounded in dorsal Park, Loop Road, vicinity Interport Center, division, acute in ventral division (saccu- mines 13 Mar. Wagner, tose apically, sacculus folded dorsally for % D. Davis, and T Dickel (3 S, I 9) length of valva, fold narrowed apically, api- (UCONN), mines II Apr. 1998, PROCEEDINGS OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON Figs.

Mompha solomoni appears to be related to other Rubiaceae-feeding momphines, including the previously described and widely distributed Mompha cephalonthiella (Chambers), which also feeds on button- bush. — S , Miss[issippi]., Washing- with light brown, small white spot posterior ton Co., Stoneville, May 1987, J. Solo- to end of apical radial line; dark brown api- mon, ex Cephalanthus occidentalis, twig cal strigula, radial line, and apical margin borer. 3, 12-14) apically cleft for (USNM); Monroe Co., Big Cypress Natl. Da- cal third of ventral division more heavily vis (4 6,5 9) (USNM), Everglades Natl, sclerotized than basal %, sacculus and api- Park, Anhinga Trail, mines 12 Apr.

In 1986, collections of 10-20 shoots were made once or twice weekly in April, May, and June. Mompha solomoni Wagner, Adamski, and Brown, new species (Figs. In the material examined a "u" indicates a spec- imen could not be reliably sexed. Rearing lots were held outdoors during the winter months. solomoni the dark spot along forewing cos- ta at % is often strongly oblique and di- rected toward the outer edge of the wing or tornus; in M. ce- phalonthiella the 1 or 2 white flagellomeres that cap the antenna are preceded by a se- ries of five dark flagellomeres; in M. In each case, leaves with actively feeding larvae were placed in a plastic bag with lightly moistened paper toweling and were moni- tored daily for adult emergences.

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IM potassium phosphate buffer (p H 7.3), rinsed in phosphate buffer (p H 7.3), PROCEEDINGS OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON and postfixed in 2% osmium tetroxide in O. After dehydration in ethyl alcohol, specimens were critical point dried, mounted on stubs with silver paint and paste, and coated with gold-palladium. ce- phalonthiella); and the sacculus is narrow and acuminate (wide and erose in M. solomoni (one or both of the plates are large and round and completely surround the signum in M.

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