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She thought Alan was in mid-life crisis, had been, she said, since he was 30 - he was actually 60 when she went to work for him.

'There were times when I probably had to be nasty just to try and get back on an even keel, a professional relationship.

Disgraceful.' Jane knew Alison only as Alan's constituency secretary.

In a diary entry for March 4, 1991, he writes: 'Darling Jane is looking a wee bit strained.

Everything then was quite relaxed and old-fashioned.' When Alison first worked for Alan he had an office in the Department of Trade in Victoria Street, where she often had to go.

When he changed jobs in July 1989 to Defence, her trek was longer, but Alan's driver would sometimes act as her chauffeur. I don't know what's going to happen.' Alison says it was not a physical relationship, just a very intense friendship. (the initials derived from Mr Clark) in her letters. In June 1991, Alan wrote on the back of a sheet of Sotheby's notepaper: 'I bear you no ill-will my darling. 'I'm actually ill, have been for months, lovesick, it's called.

Here she was in her early 20s with a career to think about.

Looking back nearly 20 years later she recalls: 'I appreciated I worked for somebody interesting, and that he was a Minister.

But she doesn't question me at all - just makes the occasional scathing reference.Loyal wife: Alan with Jane at their castle in Kent By January 1989 she was regularly accompanying Alan on his constituency visits, using the train journey to Plymouth to catch up on correspondence. Alison thinks it must have been the Trade and Industry departmental Christmas party in 1988. I was rather shocked to find how I prayed so selfishly.Alan thought her 'more efficient than Peta, and more fun to be with'. For Alan's part, this is confirmed in a chart-like graph which he devised: the year and months across the top, each point of significance to him numbered with a key alongside: December 1988 - DTI Christmas party; February 1989 - 'says yes to Bratton trip'. It was quite an effort to focus on the real purpose and to release darling Jane of her pain and sense of betrayal.When Jane read a first draft of my biography she commented that, although married to her husband for 41 years, she 'hadn't known the half of it'.During the final four years of Alan's time as MP for Plymouth Sutton, he became infatuated with his secretary, to the extent that at one point he even contemplated leaving Jane and 'starting again'.

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Jane, the wife he had married in 1958 when she was just 16, gradually began sorting through them.

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