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Elizabeth could see Achilles smiling at her, the tip of his long pink cock peeking from its sheath.They were quite a team and it had been surprisingly easy giving into their amorous advances.

If he were to force the issue and create a scene, and then find out he'd been mistaken, that could be almost as embarrassing as finding out he was right. Ted finished his third martini, having considered all this while his friends talked office politics, and then rose, dropping some money on the bar.

A statuesque blonde with blue eyes and a wonderfully formed body, the former model did indeed make the perfect trophy wife for a middle-aged businessman climbing the social ladder.

He loved Liz, in his own fashion, and Ted's jealousy became acute when he noticed other men admiring his gorgeous wife and even going out of their way just to be near her.

Elizabeth was happily unaware of her husband's concerns, although she was just that moment thinking about him.

The beautiful young woman glanced at the clock next to her bed and smiled.

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Ted was certain Elizabeth was having an affair behind his back, but he couldn't prove it.

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