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The paid option gives you full access to profiles and their messaging system. • You can always join multiple sites at a time – in fact, I recommend this.You never know what will happen, and it’s best to have as many options available to you as possible. Profiles with pictures are viewed more often than those without. Be honest with yourself so you have a clear view of what you are looking for on the dating sites.If you go in understanding your needs, you will have an easier time setting up a profile and finding that special someone.• The next step is to figure out which dating site to go with.Sometimes people develop an emotional online relationship with others with the intention to scam them or never meet in person.

This will help others to get to know you so you can connect and grow a special needs friendship or special needs dating relationship. Start building lasting friendships and relationships. There is no limit to the number of people or times you can communicate with each other. Chip and I talked as best friends from November until December when we finally met in person at the mall.• Now that you’ve settled on a site, it’s time to flesh out your profile.One question I see asked a lot is whether or not to disclose your disability.Start your search for your brand new friends or romance! Start building your brand new community of people just like you today! There are so many special needs and disabled people who are just waiting to get to know you.

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